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Theo Brixton

Trivial eratta...

Ok, first there has been some talk about the fact that I need to do something for my B-day. I am really curmudgeonly about it, and don't feel like doing anything.

Thus, on Sunday, I will be at the Harris Grill doing nothing at about 12 o'clock. Swing by and say hello if you want, and if you don't it is no big deal. I need no gifts, no cakes, nothing at all. But if you want to stop in and say hello, I will be inside there somewhere.


I don't think it is fair to say that MTV has a curse when it coems to marriages. The three famous couples that divorced would have split with or without MTV's help. I think, if anything, that the fact that they wanted to be on MTV while getting married was a symptom of just how little regard they had for their relationships.


My Goals for by the time I reach 32:

1) Get up to NY to visit avphibes, who I have been promising a visit to for about 3 years now.

2) Get back to New Orleans.

3) Get my finances back in order.

4) Get into some form of exercise routine.

5) Create something interesting. A song, a story,... art of some sort.

And now my non-realistic goals for the upcoming year:

1) To sleep with every female member on my friends list at least twice.

2) To have The Ultramodels play a gig somewhere.

3) Formulate my own business plan.

4) To become the WWE Tag Team Champions along side Jake The Snake Roberts or Roddy Piper (how cool would THAT be?)

5) To buy a Mini Cooper.


On the Sleepy Hollow commentary track, Tim Burton sounds downright normal. I always imagined he would have a Transylvanian accent or be all gothic mumbly. I still think he is a douchehammer for what he has said about Kevin Smith, but he seemed less... faux-creepy than I expected.


Disappointed at my meal at Folino's last night. They gave me the "wrong" menu, then tried to charge me the prices off the "right" menu. The food had been ok and well priced, but they bumped all of their prices up $2-$5 and it now seems overpriced. Their service isn't that great to begin with. Plus, their Creme Brulee was warm, and that's a huge no-no.


HKan is becoming more and more popular with me as the days go on. They have a good beer selection, an interesting beer policy, and the management is genuinely happy to see me when I show up. I wish I liked Hookas more, but the food and drink are very good. Everyone should stop in and have a Strawberry Wheat by Lancaster Brewing, it is the beer of the summer. I enjoyed one last night with nemesisn4sa and etzilism.

Oh, and there are a lot less stupid hippies in there than I imagined.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the caption contest. I have to give the winning comment to search27.


And now, cuz I know maverick likes it:

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