Theo Brixton (suicideking) wrote,
Theo Brixton

How about you put your discretionary funding back in place before you leave?

Where to begin...

I think it is below the President of the United States of America to appear on a talk show, let alone a comedy-styled talk show. Maybe he can host Jeopardy! next or voice one of Shrek's pals in the next movie.

Having said that, I haven't watched the interview yet so i cannot comment on it's actual content. Assuming my DVR worked, i should have it recorded.

I think it is appaling that the lady from was tackled and stepped on at that Rand Paul rally. How stupid do you take us for to tell us that you feard for Rand Paul's safety when the threat was a 115 lb woman armed with a sign in a sea of larger men? You should be ashamed of yourself and Rand Paul should be handling this directly.

However, I don't think he was tryi gto stomp on her so much as hold her down with his foot. As a person who has been stomped on, I can tell you it looked nothing as peaceful as that. It doesn't excuse what happened, I just don't believe his intention was to "stomp" her.

Rob Reiner compared the Tea Party to the Nazi party on Bill Maher last week. How the hell does that go unchecked? Why doesn't somesone stand up and ask him which race has been ushered into concentration camps by the Tea Party? The Anti Defemation leage was absolutely correct: All that does is minimalize and trivialize the actual holocaust.

I am really afraid that Dan Onorato will end up the Govenor. I never thought that being ignored by Rendell would be the preferable option.

It's a sick sad world we live in... and I have to work a Pink Floyd show tonight. I think I'd rather attend a PETA rally. Which reminds me, I found it funny that the Veronicas did an add against fur that showed a rabbit carcass, seeing as how PETA senior vice president Mary Beth Sweetland uses insulin obtained from rabbits.

What's good for the goose is good for my grandkids.
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