Theo Brixton (suicideking) wrote,
Theo Brixton

I Can check the "Mangled" box on the Census now...

Two weeks ago, i was digging change out of a ceramic pitcher. I was holding it by the pouring lip. moving it back to the shelf whemI felt the ptcher give way and break in my hand.

It didn't hurt, which is a badsign. I immediately felt the warm flow down into my palm. Great. I may need a stitch or two. I turned to go get a paper towell. That was when i felt teh pad of my thumb swing out witht the momentum of my body. Crap, that is really bad. I grab a large wad of paper towels and call 911. By the time thy are on the phone with me, the wad is soaked through and dripping.

They tell me an ambulance is on the way and to gather my info and secure my pets. I have switched to a clean dish towel and have as much pressure as i can take on it. I call into work and tell them i am not making it in as i have carved off my thumb. I call into E and try to keep her calm and downplay the injury while preparing her for the fact that the kitchen may look like a slaughterhouse when she gets home.

The ambulance is pretty quick,and the medics/first responders are pretty nice. I am pretty calm and collected as they arrive. Tehy have me sit on the gourney, chaise longue style. My calm demeanor apparently belied my panic, and my systolic was over 200. They wanted to know if i had high blood pressure, and I had to tell them no, but i was a little freaked out. Cool on the outside, freaking out on the indise. I am a fat James Bond.

We get to Mercy' sER... and I have to walk in because they are doing road work on the entrance. I get checked in and everyone rushes into look. They order some X-Rays to make sre there aren't any shards of vase still in the cut. So i sit...and sit. And sit. And tehn the mov eme out of the room and into the hall to make room for some old dude that wasn't looking so good. I was fine with sitting in the hall becsue that guy looked like he needeed a heart monitor more than i did. However, then i still sat there, bleedign and oozing and wondering what was up.

Turns out they never told the X-Ray tech where i was, so he had been wondering around, trying to find me... except i was not in a room. So it took 90 minutes to get that done. The tech was rather frank about the delay ("...idiots never told me where you were. Sorry, man.") and got me in and out of X-ray pretty quick. Also, he shared with me that the reason no one checked on me for over an hour was they were all in dealing with sever shooting and a stabbing that had come in. Didn't know people were all antsy at 1pm on a tuesday. Who is going to the matresses over "As the World Turns" or "Murray?"

Eventually, a doctor came up to me. They, in the best spin manner possible, told me that they were kind of embarassed that I had been sitting in the hallway for so long and they were just going to work on me right there. I was fine with whatever option got me out of there the quickest. Thus, they number my thumb at the base and started adding stitches. The first 4 were fine... the last one wasn't. Apparently the full block didn't work on the exterior medial part of my thumb. They tried to add more lidocaine to my thumb, but it wdidn't help. They tried to numb the actual area. That hurt a lot and didn't help. Finally, they told me they could do more lid ocaine and... I jsut stopped her and told them to jsut do the stitch. I felt every millimeter of it hurtling like hell as they sewed through my skin. Then she cinced the knot and it hurt all over again.

I was given a large smear of Zinc ointment and a pretty swant mummy like wrap on my thumb. They now have a gauze wrapper that uses a guuze tube over a metal tube, like a sausage casing system. They also gave me a nice dose of Percocet, which was welcomed after that last stitch. Apparently, not a big enough dose for teh commute i had ahead of me. I walked downtown to show E that i was alive and not to worry. I took the longest bus ride home ever. I somehow drove to Giant Eagle in snail like traffic to get my Percocet script filled,as well as pick us some gauze and a tube of Zinc goo. They took forever to fill it, and by the time i made it home through the parade ground like driving, Elsie had beat me home.

I spent most of the first week on Percocet, and weened off by Monday of last week. I have kept it clean and gooed and wrapped and had the stitches taken out yesterday. My thumb looks rough and frankly a little mangled, but it will heal. It has been a bit of a challenge to type and do some other things, but I am adapting. Until then, i have a surefire way to disgust people.
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