Theo Brixton (suicideking) wrote,
Theo Brixton

I get a lot of free chocoalte chip cookies from Max and Erma's...

I used to have so much to say. I feel like the well has been emptied. It was unfathomable that I would go a month without blogging a few years ago. Now, it's apparently not an issue.

Things are things. GZA had to go to the vet, and that kind of kille dour finances for a bit... and that was with refusing a few tests because they were prohibitively expensive. He is doing better now, having had a course of antibiotics and some eye drops and a salve and good pissing off every 8 hours or so. He is not coughing anymore and the eye is looking betterish. We just stopped so we aren't poking at it every 8 hours so we can see how it looks undisturbed.

The temperature finally dipped a biut and I have been sleeping like a CHAMP! No windows open, no AC, just a nice chill in the air and a blanket on the bed. It got a little hotter last night, so it wasn't as angelic a sleep as the past few nights, but it was still good.

With the drop in temp, it is chili season again. First pot of the season will be this weekend at a friends' after-party. The pot o'red rides again!

Oh, I should mention that the after party is for the Big Pour 4! This weekend the beer will flow, the food will be consumed and the sweat will pour (it's a pretty warm event.) E will be joining me for the first time, so I hope she likes it. If not, I can always entertain ehr with my fancy dance moves. I will be drinking enough to think I can dance.

I am working with IWC every 3-4 months or so. I enjoy it. It will never be a carreer, but it is a lot of fun.

I am still looking for a new job. I keep having a great opportunity arrive every 3-4 months that never seems to pan out. It is frustrating to say the least,m but I am keeping my eyes open and hoping that someday one of these great opportunities will finally come to fruition.

Counting the lights is growing a bit more every day. WE are startign to get people checkign us out a bit more frequently. I enjoy writing for them and i try to keep it intersting.

Time to go eat a ham sammich.
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