Theo Brixton (suicideking) wrote,
Theo Brixton

Thinking of you and praying for you with you.

The exodous is in full effect. They are jumping ship and swimming for whatever floats. I can't blame them and I am looking for my own piece of driftwood myself. No one wants to admit jsut how much water we have taken on, but it becomes pretty obvious once you get past the casual observation. Sadly, the 4 spots in the life raft are already filled.

I guarentee the captain does not go down with this ship. However, Ihave in it my craw to make sure he stands trial for his crimes on the high sea. Let the tribunal see to it that he gets hung at dawn.

Met last night to discuss a project that I clearly am not cut out for. I feel like I am not cut out for much these days. A world of round holes and my square peg just doesn't seem to fit. I keep looking for that hole to peg. heh heh heh heh uh mhh heh. My time as the ghost in the hallway has been fun, but eventually it becomes time to disappear.

Trying to find the SCoC's rulling on prop 8. I hear it is an interesting read.
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